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IN BMV Test Simulator Exam Mode

Indiana BMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:42
Passing score:84%

This Indiana BMV Test Simulator is different from other practice tests we have on Driving-Tests.org. It is the closest thing you can get to the actual exam. There are no hints and no explanations – because you won’t have them at the BMV. You can skip as many questions as you want. You’ll get different questions every time you re-take this exam: no two exams are the same. Do you sometimes get the test day jitters? You’ve studied and studied, but something happens on the day of the test. You don’t even know what comes over you and why. You know everything there is to know, but then it’s like everything falls out of your brain and you’re left with nothing. You can get over your test day nerves with the test simulator. It simulates an official exam at the Indiana BMV. It’s just like sitting for an test at the BMV, down to the number of questions that you’ll take during a exam. This is a fantastic way to overcome the stress you feel on test day. Some people think they have a case of exam nerves, when in reality, they just don’t know the answers. They understand that right away when they take the exam simulator. This simulator does two things to let people know if they have what it takes to pass the test at the BMV. To begin with, it stops as soon as you fail. If you miss enough questions to fail the BMV test, this test stops and you don’t get any more questions. Second, it lets you know when you get the answer wrong by highlighting the correct answer. This is the best way to learn the answers. Note down all of the answers you get wrong and then study them. You will be prepared if you go over all of the questions you get wrong. Then you won’t have any trouble going into the Indiana BMV and passing your official test. If you still felt anxious on test day, continue to practice. Practice is the best way to deal with stress. Also, you could try some breathing exercises when you sit for your BMV test! That is a good way to eliminate stress. Just picture yourself passing the test, as well. You can do great on your test, but it begins with the practice test. Take it and then get ready to go into the BMV and pass your test.

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42 correct answers to pass (8 mistakes allowed)
Passing score required at the IN BMV: 84%
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